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About Tera Rusa

Tera Rusa is a Massimo Rivetti project with organically grown vineyards and a sustainable run winery in the heart of Piedmont.

Tera Rusa, which means “red soil” in Piedmontese dialect, is what gives the character to the wines made from the Barbaresco and Barolo regions. Here Rivetti family grows Barbera, Nebbiolo, Moscato and other indigenous varieties in organic system. Focused on typical appellations from the region, these wines aim to be the best expression of the passion that the family gives in the whole winemaking process.

Main focus is respect for the environment, from mechanical mowing rather than using herbicides, organic fertilizers, to being the first winery in the area to control pests with the use of hormones from other female insects “sexual confusion” and finally the careful selection of high quality fruit by hand harvesting every bunch of grapes. Fermentation is always using only indigenous yeast and All the electricity used in the cellar comes from renewable sources in order to minimize the environmental impact .