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Maison Taisne Riocour Champagne

About Maison Taisne Riocour

Maison Taisne Riocour is a Champagne house located in Riceys and founded in 1837. They are a grower Champagne located in the Cote des Bar, in the village of Les Riceys. The landscape is very different from the rest of the Champagne region with vineyards interspersed with forests, farms and streams promoting bio-diversity, as opposed to the densely planted vineyards from central champagne.  The house cultivates a vineyard of 21 hectares divided into 18 parcels of pinot noir and chardonnay.

Since 2016, the entire vineyard is certified HVE Level 3 and since 2020, a biodynamic management is tested on part of the vineyard. Champagne Taisne Riocour is first of all a tribute to Angelito de Taisne and Claude de Riocour who revived the family vineyard established in 1837. Their 5 children continue with passion and pride this adventure after having marketed in 2018 the first cuvées.