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Bodega Rezabal Basque Country

About Rezabal

Rezabal is a family-owned winery located in the Basque country of Spain in Zarautz and belonging to PDO “Getariako Txakolina”. The winery features the latest technology, using the most traditional methods. The tradition of centuries preserves the characteristics of the Txakoli, and the technology is serving quality.

With a vineyard of 22 hectares planted in a traditional high trellis system, there are two native varieties that define Rezabal Txakoli: Hondarribi-Zuri and Hondarribi-beltza. Hondarribi Beltza is a red varietal used for the Txakoli rose, best described as light, velvety and delicate. Hondarribi Zuri, a white grape variety, displays very bright, refreshing, and fruity aromas.

Both varieties benefit from the sea breezes blowing in the vineyards daily, bringing great freshness, salinity, and acidity to those wines. Naturally fizzy, it is traditionally served poured from a height into the glass.