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Revelry Vintners Columbia Valley

About Revelry Vintners

Founded in 2005 by Jaren Burns, Revelry Vintners was formed from a passion for the viticulture and wines of Washington State’s Columbia Valley, and an insatiable urge to share that passion with likeminded people. 

Wine became a passion of Jared’s at a young age.  Having grown up in Washington State, it was fitting that wines from the Columbia Valley were his favorite of all.  In 2005, less than two years removed from college, Jared founded Revelry Vintners winery to share the wines that he loved with others.  He started with the goal of producing three wines from Washington that were just as good or better than those being offered at much higher prices.  Since that time,  wine selections expanded and quality improved. Through all of this that simple goal remains – to provide you with some of the finest wines you can buy, whether it costs fifteen bucks or fifty.

Revelry Vintners today offers a complete lineup of wines, each a pure representation of their origins in the Columbia Valley – from our single-vineyard AERIALS™ Series of wines, to the Columbia Valley Collection where it all began. 

“We craft our wines by the skilled hands of a chosen few in our cellars in Walla Walla Washington, relying on time tested techniques passed down to us from history, in unison with modern technology and few tricks of our own learned over time.  Individually our wines are each very distinct, yet they all share the common qualities of balance, moderate structure, and dynamic flavor.  This is the Revelry Vintners style. ”