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Redolent Wine Company Willamette Valley

About Redolent Wine

Redolent Wine is collaboration between Jon Larson and Boyd Pearson. Jon Larson has been a fermenter for decades of everything from grapes and grains to cheese and bread to kimchi and kombucha, never stopping his quest for knowledge about the mystical process of fermentation. Boyd Pearson is a veteran salesman in the wine industry and a lifelong student of wine and the business of wine, always seeking to learn and taste more. As much as he loves discovering a new wine, he loves introducing others to memorable wines. “We relish the journey wine offers, and we bring all of our experiences to the table to collaborate on every wine we make. We continue to push each other through experimentation to try and produce both wines redolent of place and wines redolent of pleasure.”

Jon and Boyd had long wanted to produce wine together, as they’d been neighbors for years and shared the dream over many a glass of wine and pint of beer (and perhaps a cocktail or two). In the late summer of 2015, we got our shot. The origin story of Redolent Wine is a vineyard owner (David Polite) contacted a wine salesman (Boyd Pearson) and said he had an extra ton of Pinot Noir should Boyd want it. Boyd contacted Jon Larson and a winery owner with some space available (John Grochau) to help make this single vineyard Pinot Noir. Call it a lucky break. Call it providential. Call it propitious. They just hope you call it delicious! Like the seasons, life comes full circle, and you get through it with a little help from your friends. Redolent Wine is the result of great vineyards and great friendships.

Redolent wines are produced at the GC Wines facility in Amity, OR, and when it comes to winemaking for Redolent Wine, Boyd and Jon strive to simply be stewards of the metamorphosis from grapes into wine. They aim to abstain from intervening in this process. They seek to capture the true nature of the grapes, the place, and the vintage.