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Rafael Cambra Rioja / Valencia

About Rafael Cambra

Rafael Cambra is one of the most enigmatic and innovative winemakers in Spain. Rafael has spent much of his life in the vineyards. His family owns one of
the most prestigious nurseries in Spain, with clients like Vega Sicilia, Alvaro Palacios and many more. Rafael trained as a nurseryman but became intrigued with winemaking at a young age. Working under Jesus Madrazo at Contino for three years, he then studied and apprenticed in France. Returning to his native Valencia he continued to work for the family business while formulating his plans as a winemaker; finally setting out on his own after discovering a 40-year-old vineyard of Monastrell. His philosophy remains that quality wine is made in the vineyard by creating sustainable harmony with in it.

“Grapes are like a rough diamond, you have to shape it, polish it, but in no case modify it. We are passers-by, cultivating each unique plot of land. We spend our whole lives learning about the world around us, taking pleasure from everything we are passionate about. In fact, we are all just passing by our land. And we believe that by understanding the grapes we grow and the soil we live on, we will be able to build a lasting legacy for generations to come.”