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Quinta do Louridal Minho

About Quinta do Louridal

Quinta do Louridal is a family-owned boutique winery with only 1.5 hectares of vineyards that are integrated into their total property of 3 hectares. Coming from a great family tradition, Quinta do Louridal is in its sixth generation in vine growing. Located in the Portuguese Alvarinho DO region, in the northwest of Portugal-Minho, Quinta do Louridal produces fewer than 11,000 bottles annually.

Located in the northern most part of Portugal, the beauty of the countryside scenery rich in an almost unique fauna and flora, make this a magical place.
Quinta do Louridal is located in Monção-Melgaço region considered the birthplace of the Alvarinho grape variety in Portugal. This region, in the Minho River Valley, has a microclimate marked by the transition from an Atlantic to a Continental climate. Hot, dry summers with cool nights and cold humid winters. This microclimate contributes to the creation of a limited edition of fresh and elegant Poema.

And because Alvarinho improves with time, Quinta do Louridal is aged for 12 months on lees in stainless steel tanks, and for another twelve months in the bottle.