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Marc Isart Madrid

About Marc Isart

From Catalalinia, Marc Isart is head winemaker at the much acclaimed Bernabeleva, where he is spearheading the property’s transformation to biodynamics. Isart works on “getting back in touch with the home soil, nature and farming.” The La Maldición label (translates to “The Curse”), named for the laborers’ struggles to reach and then work the land at this secluded property in Valdelichia, Madrid. These vineyards are located in the Arganda del Ray sub-zone within the Viños de Madrid DO.

Residing at 716m, the village of Valdelicha has old Tempranillo vines planted at 780m, while Belmonte is home to old Malvar vines at 733m.  Planted to soils that are mostly sedimentary calcareous and gypsiferous in parts, with a raw, clayey texture, the vineyards are difficult to farm with their surrounding cliffs and canyons.