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Lagar de Costa Rías Baixas

About Lagar de Costa

Located in Val do Salnés, in the heart of Rías Baixas Spain, Lagar de Costa is a family-run winery where three generations of winemakers are dedicated to the care of the star of the area, Albarino! With the new generation at the helm, Sonia and her brother Manuel are making strides with innovations while preserving the essence of the estate. The winery was built over a century ago and it has undergone several refurbishments, though the old stone structure and original building wood has been preserved.

The vines grow near the coast, at an altitude of only 0-30 m above sea-level. Some of the vines are over 50 years old and are located in the parish of Castrello, in the enclave of Complejo Intermareal Umia-O Grove (Red Natura 2000), opposite the island of A Toxa. The soil is composed of sandy loam, therefore, it is loose and it absorbs and drains water easily. The trained vine system suits the conditions of the region perfectly: high humidity, mild temperatures and lots of rain throughout the year. The vine plantation type is a grid of 4×4 m (around 1.200 vines per Ha.) The aim is always to obtain a wine that expresses its unique characteristics and captures the essence of soil and maritime influence.