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Château de La Jousselinière Loire Valley

About Château de La Jousselinière

The Chon family started working in Burgundy vineyards at the end of 17th century. It had been recorded that after the dreadful frost of 1709 destroying a large chunk of the French vineyards, Mathurin Chon left his village for ‘la Cote Atlantique’, and settled in the Nantes area at St. Julien de Concelles. There he started producing Muscadet from the Burgundian Melon grapevine. Three centuries fast forward, and the family owns 60 ha of vines on granite and schist soils, and uses the modern techniques in wine production. Located 12 km (7.5 miles) east of Nantes, the Château de la Jousselinière is a quality center of Nantes winemaking. Furthermore, organic and biodynamic approaches are being seriously considered.

They practice organic viticulture in a patchwork of crus demonstrating subtle yet apparent distinctions of various micro-locations. The traditional viticulture and vinification involve glass/epoxy lined cement tanks. The quality of wines is achieved through temperature-controlled fermentation, cold stabilization, vacuum bottling and corking. The wines of Château de la Jousselinière are clean, focused and extremely expressive, yet very reasonably priced.

Jean-Gilbert and sons produce a few styles of Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie, and they also produce Rolle Blanche, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. The hills of the Chateau de la Jousseliniere have a typical terroir of the wine region of Nantes. The ground composed of broken schist allows a deep development of the roots, which confers a great structure to the wine. The roots of the vines must go very deep in order to find all the essential nutrients.

The Château de la Jousselinière Folle Blanche from the Loire is a perfect oyster wine. That wine even has an oyster on its label. The wine undergoes the ‘sur lie’ aging technique to balance the acidity and body with a nice little hourglass shape. Subtle hints of sea foam and rich citrus fruit rise from the glass and the bone-dry palate is superbly enhanced with lovely salty notes and lemongrass. The marriage of Folle Blanche and oysters may start.