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Josep Foraster Conca de Barberà

About Josep Foraster

Josep Foraster is a winery of reference for the Trepat variety. The family Foraster has been growing grapes in Conca de Barbera for over 150 years. In 1998 Julieta and her son Ricard embarked on their dream of taking over the family winery and started making wines focusing on local varieties. Josep Foraster produces wines from estate fruits only practicing organic farming and became certified in 2017.

The vineyards are located in a valley surrounded by mountains ranges (Serra Miramar & Montanas de Prades) at an altitude of 400 m, to 600 m, 30 km from the sea, sharing its southern border with Priorat and Montsant. The high elevation of Conca de Barbera, combined with the cool sea breeze from the Mediterranean sea, allows the grape to retain acidity during ripening season producing fresher wine, with structure and elegance.