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César Marquez Pérez Bierzo

About César Marquez Pérez

César Marquez Pérez hails from a family with deep roots in the Bierzo wine region. His family founded the Castro Ventosa winery in 1752 in town of Valtuille de Abajo and they still own it today.

Cesar launched his solo project in 2015 with 4 wines. Today he makes 7 wines from 6 HA of 80 to 120 year old vines. His focus is mainly on micro-vinifications of old-vine Godello and Mencía from parajes (small plots). These parajes yield widely differing characteristics depending on their soil composition (mixtures of sand, clay, decomposed granite, and stone) and the orientation and slope of the vineyards, all farmed organically.

Ultimately, Cesar envisions making single-parcel vinifications and is laying the foundation to map this region in a manner parallel to the Cru appellations of the world.