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Cambados Urban Winery Rias Baixas

About Cambados Urban Winery

Cambados is a boutique urban winery created by Winemaker Antonio Galiñanes Fernández with the commitment to express the unique terroir of the Cambados subregion of D.O. Rias Baizas in Galicia, Spain. Antonio combines traditional, modern and local influences in his winemaking, handcrafting truly unique wines. 
The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 10 meters above sea level and the soil is basically composed of fine granite particles and sand. The spacing is 5 x 4 on a trellis system with a density of approximately 600 vines per hectare with an average age of not less than 25 years. The abundant rainfall typical of the Galician climate, the town’s exposure to the sea and the geographical location of our vineyards, which are very close to the shores of the Arousa Estuary, give this wine a disconcerting, strong Atlantic character.