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Bodega Blanco Nieva Ribera del Duero

About Bodega Blanco Nieva

Bodega Blanco Nieva is located close to the city of Segovia, with a unique terroir that produces wines of an exceptional quality, freshness, complexity, and elegance. The land’s history dates to the 12th century owned by the Los Cartujos monastery, but was later founded in 1989 as a project by the town of Nieva to revive winegrowing traditions in the area. In 2009, after learning about the quality older vines, Fausto Gonzalez, sought out the opportunity to add Blanco Nieva to the prestigious Bodegas Martúe Family and have dedicated themselves to creating quality wines in the area using a blend of tradition and the latest technology in winemaking.

Blanco Nieva owns 60 hectares of vineyards, 54 hectares of Verdejo, of which 12 are Pie Franco with vines over 100 years old, and 6 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc. Its altitude, above 850 meters, and the characteristics of the sandy soil with an abundance of pebbles, make the Verdejo grape variety express its full potential in its wines. Its extreme climate, characterized by cold winters and hot summers during the day but cool at night, create optimal conditions for the production of top quality white grapes.