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Benvenuti Istra - Croatia

About Benvenuti

The story of the Benvenuti winery is a story of family, tradition and terroir. It began in 1946 when Peter Benvenuti planted his first vineyard, which is still cultivated today. The expansion of the vineyard continued in 2000 when Livio Benvenuti, together with his sons Albert and Nicholas, planted new vines. The goal of family Benvenuti was to produce high quality wines and create a recognizable brand from three indigenous Istrian varieties: Istrian Malvasia, Teran, and Muscat. Throughout history, these three varieties gave the best results in Istria. In 2003 in the family Benvenuti received their first gold medal.

Today the family has 15 hectares (37 acres) of vineyards. The terraced vineyards are placed on specific micro locations at about 250- 400m above sea level. The heart of the vineyard is the location of San Salvatore, which is located at an altitude of 400m. The vineyards are located on a white soil (limestone) which along with the special microclimate give the wine rich aroma and a pronounced minerality, freshness, and full reflection of the quality of the varietals. Annual production of wine is about 70,000 bottles.