Vinho Verde, Portugal

The Monteiro family owns four wine estates in Portugal, three in the Vinho Verde region and one in Alentejo. The family company, Quinta das Arcas was founded in 1985 by Antonio Esteves Monteiro and is headquartered in Vinho Verde. Whilst the family produces olive oil, brandy, liquor and cheese, their main business is wine – through Quinta das Arcas they produce Conde Villar and Tapada de Villar. The family’s holdings in Vinho Verde are in Valongo and Penafiel – 300 acres are planted to indigenous regional varietals. Further south in Alentejo, their 150 acres in Herdade Penedo Gordo are planted with regional and international varietals. The white wines are made from fruit grown on a 74 acre parcel located in Galegos, Penafiel that is planted with Arinto, Espadeiro and Vinhao. The 20+ year old vines are situated at 492 feet and grow in a maritime climate which is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean (only 20 miles away) and are planted on a combination of schist and black granite soils. The vineyards are farmed using the EPA’s Integrated Pest Management system – a process that eliminates pests using only natural methods – and after their first 3-5 years, the vines are dry farmed to encourage healthy roots. The red wines are from Alentenjo and are produced from 12+ year old vines planted on clay and schist soils. Harvest at the Vinho Verde estates is done by hand and the grapes are destemmed before pressing. In Alentejo, a mechanical harvester destems the fruit, and the grapes are brought to the winery, which is located in the middle of the vineyards. The climate is very hot and very dry with temperatures rising to about 100°F at harvest. Shelftalkers  Winery Website 
arcanova-vvArca Nova Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde means Green Wine and is both the name of the wine and the name of the region. Stylistically, all Vinho Verdes are light, clean, fresh, and citrusy. Effervescence is added to Vinho Verde wines to increase their shelf life. The U.S. is currently the worlds largest importing country for Vinho Verde wines.A crisp, dry, slightly effervescent, light bodied white wine with a pale yellow color and youthful, floral, citrus aromas that are reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Moderately intense on the palate with lemon, green apple, and peach flavors and a medium finish.
arcanova-roseArca Nova Rose, Vinho Verde
Light pink salmon color. Crisp, slightly effervescent, light bodied rose. Youthful and floral. Light intensity on the palate with lemon, green apple, and peach flavors and a medium finish.
arcanova-albarinoArca Nova Alvarinho
Alvarinho is Portugal’s equivalent to the Albarino varietal from Spain. Bright straw yellow color with complex, flowery, aromas of peaches and exotic fruits. Mild acidity with spice and citrus flavors that carry into the smooth finish.