Piedmont, Italy

  Winemaker: Paolo Casalone “Vinification is an art that requires love.” This was the opinion of Petrus Hieronymus Casalone when in 1734 he arrived at Lu Monferrato to work as a viticulturist in Marquises Millo’s estate. Since then, for about three hundred years this opinion has been handed down unchanged from one generation to another and it has become the inspiring principle of a family that has been able to remain faithful to a centuries-old tradition without forgoing the benefits supplied by modern technology. The family still control 100% of the production, making them as one of the top wine experts in dealing with typical grape varieties from Piemonte such as Cortese, Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino and international varieties such as Pinot Noir. They also grow the Monemvasia an old clone of the greek malvasia imported by the Venetians in 1700 in Italy. From that grape they make one of the most interesting Passito (dessert wine from withered grapes).  Shelftalkers  Winery Website    
casalone-corteseCortese Piemonte DOC
Made of Cortese grapes in a "vivace" (slightly effervescent) way, this wine is refreshing and fun. Dry and delicate but vibrant this wine has a distinctive spring flowers scents and light tropical fruits and almonds aftertaste. You can enjoy it as an aperitif or with seafood, salads and light pasta dishes.
casalone-monferratoBarbera Monferrato
Initially this wine was made from the slopes of Bricco Morlantino. More recently the Casalone family decided to use the Bricco Santa Maria hill instead. Just stainless steel and concrete are used to make this wine. The result is a wine that exhalts the pure flavor of Barberas; an intense nose of raspberries welcomes you. The taste is dry but refreshing with strawberries and raspberries.
casalone-freisaFreisa "La Bricca"
Freisa, a Piedmontese varietal, has a history tracing it back to being the grandfather of the majestic Nebbiolo. It is an "everyday wine" of the Monferrato region. Traditionally the wine has been made in "vivace" style, slightly fizzy but very dry, and at Casalone the prefer to continue this tradition. The color is a ruby red with purple hues. The wine has a distinct violet nose, a taste of red and black currants with round tannins and lively acidity. Goes well with cheeses, charcuteries, minestrone soups or by itself as an aperitif.
casalone-mariposaMariposa Bracchetto
Mariposa is made from the Bracchetto grape. Its distinctive rose leaf color and wild roses scent is completed by a delicate but vivid taste of rose canina and raspberries. Excellent with chocolate desserts or as a refreshing appetizer wine with charcuteries.