The idea for Cafe Europa was born in 2001, when Todd and I (Dragica – Dee for short) were looking for a business idea and realized we couldn’t find any Croatian wines in our local stores.   I am from Croatia, so I proceeded to make some contacts, and we later traveled there to visit some wineries … and that was the beginning.   As we stumbled through the world of wine and began to learn more about the industry, we realized we needed to expand our horizons and our portfolio. Staying true to our vision, we’ve continued building a portfolio of unique, small producers with a reputation for quality and consistency, who make hand-crafted wines at reasonable prices while always maintaining a distinct sense of place, passion and tradition.  14 years later, we are back in Croatia partnering with some of the most exciting wineries this small country has to offer. Not only that we are extremely proud of our portfolio of great wines from around the world, we are also proud of our passionate and dedicated team that help us make all this possible.  

What’s in the name?

Yes, we get a lot of calls such as:  “what time do you open for dinner?”  “do you deliver?”  “are you open for Thanksgiving?”  We know it’s a little confusing, but the name holds symbolism to who we are and how this all started.  Actually, the name comes from an excellent book of essays by Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulic.  This book talks about the lives of people from countries like Croatia;  people that get together in local cafes and dream about the West and a better life.  I got the opportunity to go West and make a better life for myself. After meeting Todd, I felt like I had a great partner, and we were ready to take on this adventure together. •  781-297-5015