San Juan, Argentina

  Founded in January 2002 by Rosaura Etcheverry, of the family winery Castillo y Viejo in Uruguay, and Duncan Killiner, a winemaker from New Zealand, Jelu Estate is located in Mendoza. In the 1990’s, Duncan worked as a “flying winemaker,” consulting at wineries around the world. For ten years, he worked over 80 harvests, traveling from Brazil to Mexico to Italy and Germany, eventually settling in Uruguay where he met his wife Rosaura; in 2003 he was offered a job in Mendoza. After six months here, he realized the potential of the terroir. And while 60-65% of the wine was consumed locally, the couple then realized the opportunity for export. Establishing Jelu to promote the area’s terroir, the couple sources organically grown grapes from a few regions, including the Zonda Valley in San Juan, and Patagonia. Dry and hot, with riverbed stones that radiate heat, Zonda Valley yields grapes that are harvested in January (the southern hemisphere’s equivalent of July) to produce lush, full-bodied wines. With temperature variations of 50 degrees in one day during the summer months, Zonda Valley gives the wines a uniqueness that is quite difficult to match.  Shelftalkers  Winery Website 
jelu-torrontesJelu Torrontes, San Juan
In the Zonda Valley, many of the white grapes are slow to ripen, maintaining high acidity levels and low grape sugars. This Torrontes shows sweet lime and grapefruit aromas with a full juicy key lime palate.
jelu-roseJelu Rose of Malbec
This wine is made with grapes that come from Santa Sylvia vineyard. This site has the perfect microclimate to produce potential world class red wines. This Rose of Malbec is a heavier style, and does not necessarily need to be drunk when young.
jelu-pnJelu Pinot Noir, Patagonia
The vineyards are conducted in a vertical trellis system allowing for the full
development of the canopy and optimal ripeness of the grapes. The soils are sandy loam and light clay with rich iron content. 100% stainless steel fermentation.
jelu-malbecJelu Malbec, San Juan
100% stainless steel fermentation, practicing organic
jelu-syrahJelu Syrah, San Juan
This wine was made with grapes that come from Santa Sylvia vineyard, soil consisting of river shingles and pudding stones.

Varietal/Blend: Syrah and Viognier
Farming: Practicing Organic
Fermentation: 100% Stainless Steel
Aging: 9 months in American Oak
JELU-11x13Jelu Syrah Reserve, San Juan
Spent 6 months in French and American oak. Purple in color, it proffers an alluring bouquet of Asian spices, incense, smoked meat, licorice, blueberry, and blackberry. In the glass it displays a hint of chocolate, pepper, black and blue fruits, and a lengthy, fruit-filled finish.

2008 - 91 points Wine Advocate