Mendoza, Argentina

“Every year more and more people are realizing the importance of organics/biodynamics,” said Andrej Razumovsky, the proprietor/winemaker at Alpamanta, “but it’s not about just saying you practice for marketing purposes. You must really believe it and practice it every day as other tasks are being carried out.” In 2005, when Andrej partnered with André Hoffmann and Jérémie Delecourt to establish his boutique winery in Mendoza, organic and biodynamic practices were just emerging in Argentina. However, after a tour of biodynamic vineyards in Chile with Alvaro Espinoza, the grandfather of biodynamics in his native country, Andrej was convinced, and in 2007 he started the application process. “In the region we’re pioneers,” he said, “not only with farming, but also in winemaking.” In the cellar, native yeasts reign. In addition to being the first biodynamic vintner in Argentina, Andrej was also the first to bring cement tanks from France, which “give natural minerality to the wines.” Oval shaped, the tanks help encourage natural movement. In a stainless steel tank, explained Andrej, the lees settle to the bottom, but “with this egg shaped tank, lees don’t settle. There’s constant movement that keeps them integrated.” Keeping sulfites to a minimum, Andrej doesn’t add additives and employs gravity to move his wines. Speaking of their practices, Andrej concluded, “We see the results in it. We don’t just do it because we have to do it, but because we believe in it.” Winery website 
Natal Malbec Ugarteche
Organic & biodynamic, 100% Malbec.