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Lost Slough Clarksburg

About Lost Slough

Lost Slough is a new brand created by McCormack Family that also has Dancing Coyote Wines. Lost Slough is 300 acres of sustainably grown vines in the Clarksburg, CA appellation. This unusually cool, mineral-rich appellation is hidden amongst the channels and surrounded by the Sacramento River. The vineyard, which was once below sea level, has sandy soils with scattered shell fragments, giving our wines a distinctive salinity characteristic.

Lost Slough wines are made in a natural process that uses wild fermentation, minimal to no filtration, no fining, and no additives. Grapes are hand-harvested at night to keep them naturally cool. Kept in a whole cluster, they get loaded into a bladder press gently extracting the juice using low pressure. Indigenous microbes from the vineyard are then used for a 30-day fermentation. The wine is then aged in light oak for 5 months before being discovered, by you.