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Champagne Castelnau Epernay

About Champagne Castelnau

Champagne Castelnau was founded by a group of winegrowers in Epernay in 1916 to honor Général de Castelnau, winner of the Lorraine and Champagne battles during World War 1.

As a supplier of luxury Champagnes to the aristocracy, leading diplomats and the finest restaurants, Castelnau is an award-winning estate, acclaimed by the international press. Elizabeth Sarcelet, is the Chef de Cave and with a largely female oenology team they create Champagne Castelnau. Often referred to as “Champagne’s best kept secret”, Champagne Castelnau delivers fantastic value for the price throughout its wonderful range of premium wines.

Manual picking remains the tradition in Champagne. Pickers have roughly a three-week window in which to work, beyond that point the grapes will be past their best. Just to complicate matters, all Champagne grapes reach their peak of ripeness at about the same time. Some 120,000 pickers work in teams of four per hectare. Once the long and traditional process of making Champagne has occurred with the upmost care, Castelnau specializes in long ageing the wines on the lees. The non-vintage wines spend 6 years on the lees and 12 years for Castelnau Vintage Champagnes. With an outstanding respect for the environment, Castelnau has a very ‘green’ approach across the brand, from the beehives in the vineyards to the recycled paper used in its packaging.