Walla Walla, Washington

Revelry Vintners is a Walla Walla Washington winery producing a comprehensive set of both excellent Columbia Valley varietal wines as well as an unprecedented set of single vineyard wines within the AERIALS series, truly showcasing the terroir of the region. There is something different about Revelry Vintners.  You can sense it in the wines, the people, and the passion they have for their craft – it is all that yet something more.  While hard to pin down, that something more comes from the desire to be great, better each day, with each vintage, in each conversation – sharing a passion for a place, and to capture all of that in a glass of wine and a memory. Revelry is the product of a single eye-opening moment – an inspiring sip of Washington State Merlot that led creator Jared Burns on an unexpected path charged with curiosity and a want to create more memory-connected experiences.  This is the spirit that drives Revelry. Forged over time, Revelry’s lineup is anchored by the AERIALS Series: a set of wines, each created from a single clone, from a single variety, sourced from a single vineyard block.  The focus of winemaking is to let the individuality of each lot remain, tailoring the approach in the cellar accordingly with each wine and each vintage.  Consistency comes in the form of a steady hand, balanced wines, and a focus to be true to the terroir.  The lineup – which also includes the Columbia Valley Collection of regionally sourced varietal wines and blends – has steadily evolved, growing since 2005 in scope and quality, with each new wine earning its spot because it was something good, something unique, with that special potential to create a lasting impression of that place and the moment that it first left your glass. Shelftalkers  Winery Website 
rv-logoColumbia Valley Chardonnay
The 2013 vintage was a classic vintage in Washington State with ample moisture and heat early in the year, steadily growing and maturing ultra flavorful, expressive fruit. The vintage has a very natural balance to it, captured in the texture and length of flavors on the palate. Stainless steel, non-malolactic.
rv-logoColumbia Valley Riesling
Flavors of elderflower, honeysuckle, citrus and minerality. Our infatuation with the Riesling grape at Revelry stems from an appreciation for the old world style produced in regions of Austria and Germany. In like fashion, our Riesling has incredible minerality and flavor - with a slight sweetness and yet enough acid to make it age worthy. Stainless Steel Fermented. Non-Malolactic
rv-merlotColumbia valley Merlot
Sourced from three primary areas across the Columbia Valley - all warm sites - the 2012 Merlot is a prime example of how delicious and yet approachable Washington Merlot can be. With a silky tannin profile, flavors of baking spice and dusty cocoa, with an underlying structure of toasted aromatics, this becomes an incredibly versatile wine. Stainless Steel Fermented, 10 months in Barrel (80% American Oak, 30% New Oak)
rv-cab-cvColumbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Washington State's Cabernet Sauvignon is distinctive for its deep red fruit qualities, defined tannin structure and developed balance. At Revelry we source our Cabernet fruit from vineyards around the valley, targeting warm growing sites. It is in these areas [Red Mountain, The Wahluke Slope, Horse Heaven Hills, Walla Walla Valley] that the 'King of Grapes' ripens most intensely.

Our Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a much more restrained version of the variety as opposed to those in our AERIALS series. This wine is phenomenal for casual settings and cocktail parties where food is optional. It pairs well with just about anything, and though it is plentiful in body and flavor, it will not overwhelm your palate.
rv-revelerThe Reveler, Columbia Valley
Since the first release of the 2007 vintage, 'The Reveler' has embodied a nontraditional approach to blending. Each vintage is uniquely its own, the only rules being the wine is comprised entirely of only the original Bordeaux varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot - and each release is better than the last. 'The Reveler' is a rich and dynamic wine, with layer after layer of flavor. Barrel Fermented- 35% New French oak, 16 Months in Bbl, 1,800 Cases Produced.
rv-reveler-ltdThe Reveler Limited Edition, Columbia Valley
The 'Limited Edition' release is a handcrafted, small batch bottling from our finest sources. Following the selection of barrels for inclusion in each of our AERIALS SERIES wines, the remaining Bordeaux wine is then used in part to create this blend. It is the incredible byproduct of that process. With meticulous care taken at every phase of the winemaking process, the ‘Limited Edition’ is dense and dark with incredible weight and texture.
rv-logoHorse Heaven Merlot Reserve, Walla Walla
With a round profile and a dense, saturated mid palate, this is a Merlot with a great deal of scale. The flavor profile is a beautiful sort of compote of fresh Blackberries, Marion berry, and Blueberry over roasted Vanilla meringue. This wine will age incredibly well for 10 yrs and beyond.

Side Note: It was Merlot that directly inspired the beginnings of Revelry Vintners. The singular wine that sparked an interest, which lead to a passion, that spiraled into a company was a 1998 Merlot from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. That wine set the bar for quality way back then - that standard persists today.
rv-logoBlock 19 Syrah, Wahluke Slope
The Block 19 Syrah from Weinbau Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope was the first Syrah to exhibit the qualities we were looking for from the variety. Made from the 877 clone, with its 'roots' (punn intended) in Southern France, this Syrah is produced with a focus on minimal intervention. We leave it on its lees for an extended period of time, stirring those lees early in its cellaring. The wine will spend 22 - 24 months in barrel. It is unfined and unfiltered, with incredibly dark yet lively fruit, and a smoky aromatic substructure.
rv-logoRed Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
Red Mountain is known for having incredibly warm days and cool nights, with sand and loam soils which all in turn create some of Washington State's most intense Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. The resulting berries grow only to the size of a small Blueberry and are loaded with dark pigment and wonderful tannin. These qualities allow us to craft a wine of beautiful scale and structure. This fruit is sort of like someone handing you a loaded gun. With all of the strength it affords you could certainly do a lot of damage. However, we in actuality take a very finessed and gentle approach in the winemaking phase. The wine has a beautiful nose and great balance in the glass. It will not overpower, but rather compliment, most any protein you pair it with. It is also a wine you could certainly enjoy standalone.
rv-logoD11 Cabernet Sauvignon
Planted in 1985, Dionysus Block 11 Cabernet Sauvignon is really as good as it gets for old vine Cabernet Sauvignon in Washington State. We worked with this fruit for three years before releasing it as a standalone wine as part of the AERIALS Series, dialing in our approach. All along the fruit was top-notch. Each vineyard and each block - even different sites of the same clone - are wildly unique. This is Terroir. This being the case, it takes a lot of time, many trials and various iterations to make the best wine possible from each individual site. Finally, the wines we are creating from this site are everything we had hoped they would be.

We allow the fruit to ripen fully, and pick the fruit based on its flavor alone. With these being older vines, maturation occurs very slowly and steadily. The chemistry is always in balance, meaning we make very few if any adjustments to the must prior to fermentation. The wines we have created from this site are incredibly rich and full, with a dense and velvety finish, and aromatics of a sort of dark fruit compote that courses throughout. The D11 is some of the best wine we have made to date.
rv-logoWeinbau Vineyard Cabernet Franc
The Wahluke Slope itself is sort of an Eden in the middle of the high desert of Washington State. A south-facing alluvial slope running for miles, it is formed of perfectly draining soils just rich enough to support most any crop you can imagine. Grapes thrive here. We have had the most luck at this site with Cabernet Franc and Syrah in particular. And the Cabernet Franc from Block 13 is the very best we harvest. While we generally yield 7 to 9 barrels of wine from the site annually, just a fraction of that makes it to bottle. Past vintages have typically been just a barrel or two (25 cases per barrel of wine) as we tend to scrutinize this wine more than any other for the simple fact that when Cabernet Franc is pristine, it rivals any other variety in the world. Our goal is to make only the best Cabernet Franc, and this site doesn't disappoint.