Bierzo, Spain

Bodega del Abad is a relatively new bodega in the Bierzo region. They use only the indigenous Mencia and Godello varietals from Bierzo to produce their wines. Del Abad owns 40 hectares, planted with Mencia vines, some of which are approximately 80 years old. The oenologist, Jose Luis Santin-Vazquez, has been producing wines in Bierzo for more than 30 years. The Camino de Santiago or St. James Pathway, the trail across northern Spain that the Christian pilgrims have taken for centuries, passes adjacent to the bodega. There are two churches along the route that are used as clinics to provide medical assistance to the persons taking the pilgrimage; one near the beginning of the route at the eastern end and the other near the end of the route at the western end. This second church is in the same village as the bodega, is about the size of a two car garage, and has only one window. The round insignia at the top of the wine label is a replica of the window in the church. The elaboration of red wines takes place in truncated-cone tanks. The musts along with the skins are homogenized and undergo through a process of cold maceration around 48-72 hours. The alcoholic fermentation occurs naturally, monitoring on every moment the temperature and density of the juice and the growing kinetics of indigenous yeasts, as well as the degradation of different volatile compounds. During the fermentation process pump over and punching operations are carried out, aimed to maximize the extraction of compounds needed to produce aged wines. The temperature and length of fermentation in each case differs depending on the raw material and the objectives pursued by our technical team. The average period of time takes around eight days, after which the wine is taken out of the tanks. For white wines, the Godello grapes macerate during 48 hours at a temperature of 8°C, after this process the musts are extracted and ferment for seven days at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C. Shelftalkers  Winery Website   
abad-dom-godelloDom Bueno Godello
Using biodynamic principles in the vineyard, Abad Dom Bueno Godello is fermented with wild yeasts and aged on the lees for five months in stainless steel tanks. It has a flowery aroma with notes of apples and a touch of spice. The palate is intense with great acidity that makes you salivate and look forward to the next sip.

2013 - 89 points – International Wine Cellar
2013 - 88 points – Wine Enthusiast
2012 - 89 points - Wine Advocate, 88 points -Wine Spectator
2011 - 88 points – Wine Enthusiast
2010 - 91 points – Wine Advocate
2009 - 90 points – Wine Spectator
2008: 90 Points – Wine Advocate, 89 Points – Wine & Spirits
abad-dom-menciaDom Bueno Mencia
Using biodynamic principles, Abad Dom Bueno Mencia 2011 is produced from old vines and has been aged in oak barrels (50% new) for five months, which accounts for the sweet aroma of creamy vanilla. The bouquet gives a sense of very ripe grapes and even some pruneish notes. The wine will continue to develop beautifully with some additional bottle ageing.

2012 - 90 points - Wine Enthusiast