Douro, Portugal

Back in the day when Joana Pinhão and Rui Freire were at University together, they always spoke about the day that they would collaborate to make great wine.  After graduation, they went on their own paths finding different oenological opportunities and experiences, but when Joanna found her ideal vineyard site, 10 years later, she gave Rui a call. The vineyard, for her, harkened back to a winemaking heritage so common in the past, yet now endangered by EU money and general expansion threatening to uproot many of these ancient vines for a more productive harvest. Located in Cima Corgo in the tiny parish of Porrais, Vinha do Candedo has a floor of pure schist and roots that are 70 plus years old. Traditionally this is a true field blend but the predominant grapes are Rabigato and Codega do Larinho. The vineyards produce wines of pure elegance.  Wines that can handle time and maturity. Rui and Joana hope someday for a red Somnium, but will be patient again for just the right vineyard.
Two sites are both harvested to make a true Field Blend. Predominent varietals are Rabigato & Códega do Larinho, but the mix includes Gouveio, Viosinho, Donselinho Branco, Malvasia Fina, and Folgazão.