Minho, Portugal

Quinta do Ermízio, is located in the sub-region of Ave at the heart of the Vinhos Verdes region between the river Ave valley and the Bouça do Saraiva. Vineyards are planted on medium slope granitic soils, exposed to East-South. The climate gets some Atlantic influence inducing warm day temperature and cool nights.
The 15 hectares of vineyard are organized by grape varieties in various combinations of soil type and exposure to individualize distinct terroirs, which can produce exquisite grapes. Main grape varieties are Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura. Vineyard management intends to control vine vigor and to promote grape ripening in order to produce quality wines. Grapes are hand-picked, with careful selection of bunches in the vineyard, at the right time of the season to reach optimum ripening. The quinta has a certified cellar. The wine making is minimalist to let the terroir to express and preserve the character of local soil and climate. The wines have usually a discrete nose, are fresh and long in the mouth, and age well in the bottle.
Vinha da Bouca Alvarinho
The Vinha da Bouça can’t be considered a classic Verdes as it isn’t a blend, but it is made with the noblest varietal, and surely a great ambassador to the region finest wines. If the chance presents to taste some wine from Quinta do Ermízio from the 90s it might just be the chance to clear the myth that Verdes can’t age well.