Tuscany, Italy

  It was in 1870 when the Losis, an ancient family of vintners in Chianti, committed to produce their wine according to the new quality standards, becoming defenders of Chianti Classico and sharing its big rise to fame under the leadership of Emilio Losi. Sensitive to what was happening in those years of change, he devoted himself to winemaking under the new rules dictated by the market. And so did Tranquillo Losi, who as a mezzadro (cropper), dedicated himself especially to cultivation of vines and olive trees in the Fontino and Querciavalle farms, close to the Chartreuse monastery of Pontignano. By the end of the Mezzadria (sharecropping), the Losis, unlike most of the farmers of the time, decided to specialize their activity in the production of wine. In 1954 Tranquillo Losi bought the Fontino and Querciavalle farms and founded the current Az. Agr. Losi wine estate. Together with his three sons, Carlo, Emilio and Alfierio, they ran the company in its early years. Tranquillo Losi had the merit to have chosen as enologist of the just created wine estate, the successor of the creator of the blazoned Brunello of Montalcino, Tancredi Biondi Santi, from whom Tranquillo learned a lot of secrets to produce a fine and long-lasting wine; secrets that have been passed down to the successive generations. In 1974 the Losi family began producing Chianti Classico Querciavalle, bottled under the Losi brand. Continuing the work of their parents, two cousins, Pietro and Paolo, with considerable investments, brought further quality and typicality to the production process. In 1998, the Losis bought the Pontignanello farm, bringing the quality and the characteristics of their wines to the next level. In the same year Riccardo – Pietro’s son, just eighteen – began to work in the company, demonstrating a great talent for wine and defending the family traditions. In 2005 his sister Valeria, was inducted into the company to better manage the company public relations with the international markets.  Shelftalkers  Winery Website 
querciavalle_riservaChianti Classico DOCG
A blend of the characteristic red Tuscan grapes of Sangiovese and Canaiolo Tuscano. The grapes are hand harvested, fermented, and gently pressed to produce the traditional hand-made wines that the Losi’s are famous for, characterized by their intense intriguing richness and spicy aromas.
querciavalle_riservaChianti Classico Riserva DOCG
This wine is aged in Slavonic oak barrels for a period of between 24 - 28 months. It is then bottled and gets a further 6 - 8 months aging. The wine gets lighter in color as it bottle-ages, going from a deep ruby red to a pomegranate color. It has a dry vigorous, intense taste with fruit and vanilla nuances. An excellent accompaniment for savory dishes and cheeses, red meats and game. We recommend decanting these wines for a time before serving at room temperature.
querciavalle-vinsantoVin Santo
This is a typical Italian white dessert wine that is made from specially selected grapes of Chianti Malvasia and Toscano Trebbiano. The grapes are left to dry on mats until as late as the last part of November, They are then pressed and the must obtained after this pressing is aged in small oak kegs for at least five years. Vinsanto has an intense yellow amber color, a subtle, yet vivacious aroma which is reminiscent of bitter almond. The taste is graceful, fruity and sweet.