Rheinhessen, Germany

This is a carefully crafted wine from the German Rheinhessen region. Vines are grown along the rolling hills of the Rhine River. Rheinhessen, the largest German wine-growing area has a more than thousand-year-old tradition of wine-growing. In Rheinhessen, Riesling is grown on approx. 9,400 acres, which represents 14% of the total vineyards. Riesling is a slow-ripening grape variety, typically with a pronounced, fruity acidity. It is predestined for Rheinhessen’s relatively cool climatic conditions where a long ripening period allows it to develop its fine fruity aromas and to ripen to perfection in the late autumn sunshine. Rheinhessen enjoys the climate of a protected basin. It is an area with Germany’s warmest and driest climate. Overall, it has low precipitation, warm summers and mild winters. These perfect conditions allow Rheinhessen grapes to grow to their full potential. The Riesling vines for Nebel are grown on loess soil. Shelftalkers 
VIAGGIATORERheinhessen Riesling
This wine is very aromatic with a good presence of green apple and ripe fruit. It is stimulating on the palate and well balanced with crisp mineral accents. It is slightly off-dry, beautifully balanced, and flavorful with an elegant and refined finish.