Corbières, France

Hidden in the rugged limestone hills of the High Corbières, Domaine Sainte Croix is situated in the village of Fraissé des Corbières in the very South of France, on the border between the Languedoc and the Roussillon, 20 minutes inland from the Mediterranean. Its 13 hectares (32 acres) are made up of many different terroirs, from small blocks of steel-blue limestone to sandy, gravelly clay shot through with quartz crystals, to sheets of purple-green schist. The domaine benefits from a strong mesoclimate where cooler maritime weather meets the heat and dryness of the interior. Since 2008, all of the vineyards have been officially registered as being under conversion to organic viticulture, as controlled by Ecocert. This environmental commitment is not a market-led, politically-correct statement, rather it is a formalisation of the way they have been working for several years. During this time, there has been an improvement both in the health of the vines and in the balance of the wines.
Le Fournas Corbiere
Le Fournas, is named after a Syrah vineyard, hidden in the hills. The name comes from a lime furnace which operated in the 19th century, the ruins of which can be seen in the Garrigue scrub.

Bright purple, morello-cherry red. Rich aromas of blackcurrant fruits and dark leaves, damson, loganberry and redcurrant. A medium-bodied wine with much depth of flavour, Le Fournas shows cassis, plums, wild red fruits on the palate, supported by fresh acidity, a flinty minerality and soft tannins with a long, aromatic finish. Classic house wine. Accessible, pure. Great value.
Dense purple with violet hues. Cassis and citrus fruit on the nose (grapefruit, pineapple) with floral notes. Fine, well-defined palate with pronounced freshness. Grape tannins present with a mineral background, with notes blackcurrant and coal. Persistant on the palate, Pourboire finishes with notes of blackcurrant and crushed tone.