Loire Valley – France

From vines grown on a soft and stony soil, the hills of Chateau de la Jousseliniere have a typical terroir of the Nantes region. Deep development of the roots in the broken schist of the soil confers a great structure to the wine.  The Chon brothers (winemakers) practice organic viticulture in a patchwork of crus that show the subtle but clear distinctions of terroir that exist in this popular but little-understood area. They make impeccably clean, vividly expressive wines at reasonable prices, and have been hailed by David Schildknecht as offering exceptional quality and value.
jouss-muscadetMuscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie
Graceful and fruity, it displays aromas of hawthorn, almond, and grapefruit, with a round and long-lasting finish. This vivacious wine is perfect with all types of seafood. 100% Melon de Bourgogne.
jouss-perlePerle Bleue Sur Lie
The ultimate oyster wine! 100% Folle Blanche.