Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

Just arrived!  Dingac wine is made by Ivo Skaramuca from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety, grown in a very small and limited area on the steep southern slopes of the Pelješac Peninsula — a mere 168 acres in total. The wine-producing area where Dingac is produced is known for the highest average temperatures in the country. The soil composition, slope (30-70%) and many hours of sun result in top quality wine. This ideal location, basking in the reflected rays of the Adriatic Sea, produces a top quality grape. The climatic conditions of this ecologically pristine area makes any type of spraying unnecessary. Dingac was protected by Geneva Convention back in 1961, which makes it the first Croatian wine protected by law. The Skaramuca family vineyards are situated on prominent locations on the peninsula. On Dingac southern slopes, the vineyards spread over an area of around 20 hectares. The ultimate product of this unique terroir and extensive Skaramuca family knowledge is a wine of an extraordinary ruby red color, with the lush taste of dark fruit and a lingering finish. Shelftalkers  Winery Website 
skara-rosePlavac Rose
A very fresh wine with rich aromas, ranging from wild strawberries and tropical fruit to ripe berries. 100% Plavac Mali.
skara-plavacPlavac Premium
Plavac Mali is a native grape to Croatia that is grown almost exclusively in the region of Dalmatia. The name literally means, "little blue" in Croatian, which refers to the small, bluish grapes that the vines grow. The flavors change a great deal depending on which of the main mainland areas or islands that the grapes are grown. Overall, it tends to have deep flavors of blackberries, pepper, and other spices. Plavac Premium is a dry red wine with dark ruby red color, fruity flavor and a strong, full body.

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The Mediterranean climate with its short, mild winters and long, warm summers full of sunshine gives birth to amazing wines like this Dingac, boasting the ideal ratio of alcohol, acid, minerals, tannin, and color.

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skara-dingac-rsvDingac Reserve
This Dingac begins with selected harvest of the best grapes of Plavac Mali followed by aging in oak barrels. The aromatic fruitiness is in a nice balance with spicy notes. Dark berries and vanilla are dominated in the scent, while shade of dryness and smoke permeates through the entire bouquet.

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